Tuesday night tennis – September

Hi Tuesday swingers,

The Mighty Duckers (Isy Kerry and Rob) have collapsed in the last 2 weeks without their brick wall –Rob. The Cats of 9 Tails (Matene, Grant and Margaret still injured –replaced by overseas player from Thai Tennis Federation) have taken charge at the top with Cats tennis, but they won’t want that in the finals. Making a big move into second place is the Sons and the Moon, not to be mistaken with Sons of the Moon (Moon, Ben and Shaun). Moon’s days of cultivating the young guys are nearly over as they all have improved too much. The Anti Football League (Ethan Kavisha and Luke) and Don’t Argue (Anthony, Anthony’s brothers, sisters and cousins and  Glenn) have suddenly realised they are not out of their depth although Ethan must be relieved when he returns to the relative safety of Sat afternoon A grade. The Complete Punts (Adam, Andrew and Jenny) have had no luck with the draw –that’s what I have heard ringing in my ears- and along with Dangerous Argument (Mitch and Leigh) are far enough behind not to have been accused of peaking too early. The interesting team are the Demon Fade outs who are 2 years behind their franchisor. Bob thought he was on a good thing when he signed the transfer papers to leave a winning combination, (The Guru and Margaret no wonder they had back problems), but the Jones boy, the treasurer and the defector have a lot of ground to make up if they want to figure at the business end.


Sorry the lights have been on the blink and we are trying to get them fixed. The treasurer might offer a discount if they are out for another week. We have our best people from the council on the job –sorry for that also.

See you tomorrow night but that might be difficult.




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Fast 4 2018


This will again be a family based doubles competition and will likely feature an A and B grade for players at different levels. Please get your entries in as the numbers will be limited on a first come first served basis. We anticipate having up to 8 teams in each Grade. Each team would be guaranteed 3 matches with semi finals and grand final in each grade. Prizes will be provided to semi finalists and grand finalists.


$5 each for ATC Members

$10 for non members

Music Trivia Night

Music Trivia 2018

Trivia and Games Night at Rossdale Golf Club

7.30 PM Friday Night 15 June

Music Trivia hosts will be the Funky Bunch
Bistro Meal available on night prior to event
Drinks at bar prices
Book a table of 10 or as a couple/individual
Tickets on sale now

10% discount when you book a table of 10 use coupon ATCFUNKY10 at checkout

Theme of the night is ‘Music’
“Prizes on the night for the best dressed table”
Theme dress up is optional of course but some clothing is advised as it could be chilly.

Tickets $20 per seat Book Now !


ATC Open Day 15th October 2017

Sunday 15th October 2017 from 11am

  • Fun activities for all ages with our coach and his team
    plus other activities you can come and indulge in, as
    an individual or with your family.
  • Discounted memberships available for any new
    members who join up on the day.

FREE TENNIS 11am—3pm

  • Great Prizes
  • Sausage Sizzle
  • Jumping Castle
  • Speed Radar Machine
  • ANZ Hot Shots
  • Adult Cardio Tennis
  • + Much More

ATC Open Day Sponsors
Back in Motion Aspendale Gardens
Daley Nutrition Chelsea
Berry Fitness
Kx Pilates Chelsea
Goodyear Autocare Chelsea
Strike Bowling

Tuesday night – Fake News

Hi Tuesday swingers

The look of disappointment on the guru’s face was palpable as nobody turned up on Tuesday night, except the Mid Court Crisis team. Well done to them as they are the only team to pocket the 3 points and 3 bonus points as it was a bonus round. You may well say that you got a message cancelling the night but do you believe everything that is sent. Surely a case of fake news!. The weather was OK on the night with breaks in the thunder storms, and as the Guru pointed out Kate Rod, Rafa and Murray have played in similar conditions but that was when the team meant something!


“Oh Danny Boy” and “Issy and the Stooges” are the pace setters with 15 points each but both have only played  the chaff so far with the wheat to come. “Old Salts” and the “Dream Team” make up the four, although the Old Salts had, what is known in the ranks as,  a failure to communicate. Only Old Salt himself turned up and may have had a seniors or D moment.


Down in the depths, the “Inconsistencies” have lived up to their name as have the “moonlighters”. Benny and the jets have not. Certainly no rocket or jet there. Hit and run have done plenty of running but little hitting, however their franchise player is set to return and the switch may be flicked.

The “smithsonians” have turned into second set warriors but don’t tend to worry about the 3rd set

See you Tuesday night and we will play last week’s round and try and add another week at the end.




Grant Plozza

GP Business Solutions

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