Tuesday night – Fake News

Hi Tuesday swingers

The look of disappointment on the guru’s face was palpable as nobody turned up on Tuesday night, except the Mid Court Crisis team. Well done to them as they are the only team to pocket the 3 points and 3 bonus points as it was a bonus round. You may well say that you got a message cancelling the night but do you believe everything that is sent. Surely a case of fake news!. The weather was OK on the night with breaks in the thunder storms, and as the Guru pointed out Kate Rod, Rafa and Murray have played in similar conditions but that was when the team meant something!


“Oh Danny Boy” and “Issy and the Stooges” are the pace setters with 15 points each but both have only played  the chaff so far with the wheat to come. “Old Salts” and the “Dream Team” make up the four, although the Old Salts had, what is known in the ranks as,  a failure to communicate. Only Old Salt himself turned up and may have had a seniors or D moment.


Down in the depths, the “Inconsistencies” have lived up to their name as have the “moonlighters”. Benny and the jets have not. Certainly no rocket or jet there. Hit and run have done plenty of running but little hitting, however their franchise player is set to return and the switch may be flicked.

The “smithsonians” have turned into second set warriors but don’t tend to worry about the 3rd set

See you Tuesday night and we will play last week’s round and try and add another week at the end.




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Fast 4 Competition


This will again be a family based doubles competition and will likely feature an A and B grade for players at different levels. Please get your entries in as the numbers will be limited on a first come first served basis. We anticipate having up to 8 teams in each Grade. Each team would be guaranteed 3 matches with semi finals and grand final in each grade. Prizes will be provided to semi finalists and grand finalists.

Please enter your partners name in the notes section when you checkout. Payment is by bank deposit. PayPal coming soon !

Feel free to bring food and drinks. There will be soft drinks for sale. Please let us know if you think a BBQ is a good idea given were there not many sausages eaten last time. People were too busy with the fast format.

We think it should run for 3 to 3.5 hours and we need players to there at 12.30 for a start no later than 1.00 PM. It is critical for the organisation that players are not late. There will be prizes presented at completion of the grand finals.


$5 each for ATC Members

$10 for non members

Team of 2 ATC Members

Team of 1 x ATC Member and 1 x Non Member

Team of 2 ATC Non Members


Lights are all now fully operational. 

The lights will automatically come on when the lux levels drop low enough and will stay on until 10 minutes after your booking time finishes.  There is a charge for lights – you will see this when you are booking your court from 8pm.  Whilst court hire is free for members,  there is a light charge and for casual hirers you will notice an extra charge for lights from 8pm onwards.

Update from the Guru


Hi Tuesday swingers


The investigation into Andrew Judd’s behaviour pursuant to Aspendale Tennis Club’s code of conduct has been completed. It was duly noted that  Andrew did utter the words “you dog” after he missed a shot in a recent match. The investigation has been found in Andrew’s favour after the RSPCA had advised that no dogs were in ear shot that night. Andrew was also contrite and explained that “nobody respects dogs more than myself”. There was also no question of Andrew having his own dog chauffeured around at the clubs expense. Andrew has been buoyed at publicity received and may now launch a bid for presidency of the club. As noted elsewhere you would need to be barking mad to take on the presidency.


There were some great matches this week and also some crap ones. In the Tuesday comp it is sometimes difficult to know the difference. However Wayne and Issy (Grit) staged one of the great fightbacks from 5-1 down in the second set, after losing the first, to win in three. They obviously believe in their brand -Grit that is. Andrew and Peter -The Closers, may not be believing so much in their brand.


All the Presidents Men moved into the four at the expense of the Samurai Smiths who have lost their Mojo or simply Coby. Rafa and Ged got a big fright from Killer Kate and the dog whisperer but when the going got tough Rafa charged to the net and the rest is history although Ged nearly was.


Palmer and Murray got over Anthony and Margaret on the blue court and I hope they were spared some of Palmers blue jokes, although his commentary was full of great insight. I noticed there were more dents in the blue court, this time from Margaret’s forehand which went through the court like a missile.


See you Tuesday night. Don’t forget Sunday December 4, and Pizza night last week for the season on 29 Nov. Everybody playing!




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Christmas Function

Hi Everybody

Please keep Sunday afternoon December 4  free, or cancel what you have already, as we are organising a Christmas break up with a fast 4 tennis competition thrown in. We will have hot shot and tennis activities for the younger kids and Santa will visit the club and hand out presents to the younger kids. We are obviously hoping that the parents will provide the presents, with nothing over $20, and Santa can hand them out to the child which will be fun for them. No child will miss out however.

The fast four competition will be quick moving with a $5.00 entry fee per doubles team paid prior to the day. We are hope to get a number of family entries and teams will be handicapped fairly based on past results. We will do everything to make it as even as possible. Prizes will be on offer to the place getters at the end of the day.

There will also be a christmas raffle with a number of prizes on offer.

Some Food/BBQ and drink will be provided although we encourage people to bring a plate of food/snacks etc.

This event will have a genuine family atmosphere but the big hitters are also welcome to take on the fast 4.

We will provide entry forms for the Fast 4 and more details within the next week or so, but please support your local tennis club and have some fun.


Aspendale Tennis Club Committee

ATC Open Day 16th October

Aspendale TC Open Day
Sunday 16th October 2016 from 11am

Fun activities for all ages with our coach and his team
plus other activities you can come and indulge in, as
an individual or with your family.

Discounted memberships available for any new
members who join up on the day.

    • Great Prizes
    • Sausage Sizzle
    • Speed Radar Machine
    • ANZ Hot Shots
    • Adult Cardio Tennis
    • + Much More


Free Hot Shots Lessons

      • Ages 6+ 12pm—12:30pm
      • Ages 8+ 1pm—1:30pm
      • Ages 10+ 2pm—2:30pm

For more information please contact,

Download the ATC Open Day Flyer

21 August

Hi Tuesday swingers
The guru spoke to me about how all levels of tennis at the club had improved except for the flag ship Tuesday night comp. I said “Guru you are too harsh, while most I admit have gone backwards there are some shining lights” that I will profile in coming weeks. At least for a couple of the teams it is simply impossible to go backwards and that’s fantastic news for Bob and Rod Smith.

Rafa appears to have taken his form to another level, if that is possible, and is taking no prisoners but has he ever? The team is now ably lead by Elissa who is keeping a firm rein on him and the volatile Ged.
All the Presidents men is also under new management and Glenn Butcher is a tough taskmaster who records everything. Where have I heard that before. Can be dangerous Glenn.
For Andrew Verrall and his cohort Mary the premiership hangover has led to severe migraine that is debilitating on court. I feel their pain.
For Kerry the weight of captaincy is a heavy burden. To follow in the footsteps of Adam Palmer and maintain a running commentary is threatening to derail her tennis. For some people it is hard to do 2 things at once. I feel her pain too.

Please see the attached ladder after 2 weeks which is just too early to frame a market. Coby and Aya looked dangerous as they overcome the boy wonder and Margaret. Congratulations to Brad Bellot on his return to top flight tennis even if he is forced by his daughter to quickly go into retirement.

Lets hope I come to feel Rafa’s pain in the weeks ahead, as well as the Hawks of course.

See you Tuesday night

Grant Plozza