Grand Final next Tuesday Night

Hi Tuesday Night swingers


The guru was moved to remark that with the transfer of just a few points there would have been 2 different grand finalists. The standard of tennis was through the roof and the spectators were in awe. Or at least they didn’t say much. However, the record books will show that Beatles with Bite (Bob Margaret and Yours sometimes truly) meet Making a Racket (Rylan, Pat and Ged) in next Tuesdays Grand final. The great Balls of Fire (Adam, Andrew and Jenny) and Monkeys (Isy, Rob and Glenn) were magnificent and certainly failed better than they have ever before. Their reputations are enhanced but it will be a long winter of discontent.


We understand that a devastated Adam Palmer will be off to see a hypnotist this week to make sense of it all and it will be interesting to see what they say to each other. His tennis was still good but his commentary was a bit off.


Grand final week will be big and I was going to check with Richard and Jonny what festivities have been organised.


Eleesa, I have organised with Rossdale for extra parking but please bring your camera and we can send photos of the impending traffic chaos.


In the event of a Grand Final wash out the team that did not lose a set in the semi-final is the obvious winner. We have always sort of done it this way. Not sure who that favours. Can you have a look at that Bob.


Come along to join the throng, and toast the Beatles with Bite at nights end.


Best to sum up with what Ernest Hemingway said “A man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated”. Sounds a bit sexist to me.





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Tuesday night Semi Finals

Hi Tuesday swingers,


Well done to our award winners last Tuesday night. I have forgotten who they are but well done anyway.


We have 4 elite teams ready to go head to head in the semi’s this Tuesday night. Top team Making a Racket plays fourth team The Monkeys and Second team Beatles with Bite plays third team Great Balls of Fire. This is sudden death and the winners can literally go into the trophy pose as they will be in the grand final.


Come down and soak in the atmosphere or dew in the air. Be inspired!


There is a caveat, If it rains or the temp drops below 15 c at any time during the night the top 2 teams go through to the grand final. Bob can you bring a thermometer.





Grant Plozza, Director


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Tuesday Night Tennis

Hi Tuesday swingers,

What an epic match on Tuesday night. Shaun and Moon coming from the clouds to win in three tight sets from the luckless but certainly not clueless Andrew and Jenny. They simply lacked the inspirational chat from you know who. Moon has improved out of sight although there was some support from Shaun despite Moon’s post-match comments.  


Other matches saw Bob’s Beatles with Bite storm to the top of the ladder with a classic performance of polished precise and clinical tennis (Run out of superlatives) against Rylan’s, Making a Racket. Margaret has firmed for the MVP and is undefeated to this point. Checking through the archives this is unprecedented at this time in the season. Margaret must be close to having her own blazer like the Fed at Wimbledon. The MMc insignia would be perfect.  Bob, of course, was not playing but was there to organise the beer. Good job Bob.


The Monkey’s returned to winning ways and are a threat, especially now that Rob has recovered from chasing puffing billy the week before. He certainly ran out of steam last week. Rod Smith, the Steve Bradbury of tennis, had his first match since reaching the semi finals in Wangaratta back on Australia day and could not reach those dizzy heights. But then again none of the opposition pulled out here.


For those that are struggling just be grateful I am leaving you alone at this stage. Only 4 weeks to go give us something.




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Tuesday night tennis

Hi Tuesday night swingers,


The battle for the finals is heating up and there is a real possibility that last year’s winners (Ballers with Attitude) will be off skiing in June rather than preparing for finals -just like demon supporters  September. This will be a massive disappointment to Moon Shaun and Anthony who will have to explain this to their many followers on the internet.


At the moment Making a Racket (Rylan Pat and Ged) and Beatles with Bite (Bob Margaret and the Guru) are going shot for shot and blow for blow at the top of the ladder. This could be a new rivalry that lasts a few weeks. Way down in the dark zone, Buddy Holly and the Aces are making their presence felt with a couple of wins and Aya is now playing in glasses which will open up new horizons for her including the ball at the back of the court. We thought Aya played well enough when she couldn’t see but she had to rely on cute hearing.


The Monkeys (Isy Rob and Glenn) and Great Balls of Fire (Adam Jenny and Andrew) both look dangerous and are full of belief. You can see it in their eyes when they walk in. I would expect the belief to be snuffed out over the next few weeks and the glazed look to return.


For the other teams, out of respect, I will not comment.




Grant Plozza, Guru

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Fast 4 retrospective

The fast four competition held on Sunday 18 March was a roaring success played in roaring winds that nearly blew players off their feet. It was a credit to all 11 teams who competed that they actually finished and appeared to enjoy the challenge. In B grade two new teams met with Dylan and Paul Henderson coming through to win the grand final from Scott and Oliver Smith. Joe and Luca Magro finished in third place. The standard was darn good as the two teams went toe to toe when the wind didn’t blow the ball sideways into the fence. In A grade you wouldn’t believe it, would you?, that Fabian and Luis Seibold won their second title. They beat Bob Milne and another old player who will go nameless. We had them on toast but the wind kept gusting up at the wrong time. Honorary mention to Rylan Mahony and Josh Raglas who finished third.

Thanks to Richard for his organisational skills on the day and we will look at running another social tournament in the near future. Watch this space.


Grant Plozza
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Fast 4 2018


This will again be a family based doubles competition and will likely feature an A and B grade for players at different levels. Please get your entries in as the numbers will be limited on a first come first served basis. We anticipate having up to 8 teams in each Grade. Each team would be guaranteed 3 matches with semi finals and grand final in each grade. Prizes will be provided to semi finalists and grand finalists.


$5 each for ATC Members

$10 for non members

Music Trivia Night

Music Trivia 2018

Trivia and Games Night at Rossdale Golf Club

7.30 PM Friday Night 15 June

Music Trivia hosts will be the Funky Bunch
Bistro Meal available on night prior to event
Drinks at bar prices
Book a table of 10 or as a couple/individual
Tickets on sale now

10% discount when you book a table of 10 use coupon ATCFUNKY10 at checkout

Theme of the night is ‘Music’
“Prizes on the night for the best dressed table”
Theme dress up is optional of course but some clothing is advised as it could be chilly.

Tickets $20 per seat Book Now !


Fast Four comp

Hi there.

The fast four was a success with 38 people in the end playing. We had some teething problems with more teams fronting up than we had on our list and board but I am sure that can be fixed easily for next time. It was lucky Elissa was there to help sort out the confusion. She did a great job on the day. Also thanks to those who helped prior to the day particularly Ged, Eleesa and Andrew.


The event through up some interesting results with the Snell’s dominating in B grade and their 2 teams playing each other in the final. Did Vin lie down in the final?. If he knew what was good for him. I will not ask Leanne that question. The young brigade did well in B grade with Mitch Keatley and Tane Macintosh finishing third and in the prize money. Honorary mentions, certainly, to the Crowe’s and Nicholson’s who showed potential to go further next time.


A grade brought the young and the old together as well, with the old stagers Adam Palmer and Bob Milne winning the final from Jeremy Ockerby and Lawrence Vlahos the classy youngsters. I think the youngsters were psyched out by the reputation of their opponents or was it the famed commentary of Palmer during the match. Great effort by Robert De Boos and his father Allan, both new to the club, to finish third. They actually had a match point against the eventual winners in an earlier match. Honorary mentions to Federico Marcon and Andrew Vanwenede who also did their bit to uphold the reputation of the Tuesday night swingers and to Sasha and Max Lioudvigova who are always competitive. Sorry Cooper and Brad not this time but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


Well done to all for having a crack.




Grant Plozza

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ATC Open Day 15th October 2017

Sunday 15th October 2017 from 11am

  • Fun activities for all ages with our coach and his team
    plus other activities you can come and indulge in, as
    an individual or with your family.
  • Discounted memberships available for any new
    members who join up on the day.

FREE TENNIS 11am—3pm

  • Great Prizes
  • Sausage Sizzle
  • Jumping Castle
  • Speed Radar Machine
  • ANZ Hot Shots
  • Adult Cardio Tennis
  • + Much More

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Bigger than Ben Hur

Hi Tuesday swingers
The start to the new season was bigger than Ben Hur, perhaps that is a piece of fake news, however we had three solid matches and one mis-match. We have 9 teams and the bye worked well with Anthony’s team already having a well earned rest. It had been a tough pre season for them and often difficult to work our who’s shout it was.
There are already issues about commitment of players to the comp with 2 players stating they will put an overseas holiday ahead of their tennis. As the guru said, It‘s not like the old days. Aren’t they paid enough.
A great start to the competition tennis career of Jenny Beatie who teamed with Chicken Palmer to withstand the might of Federico and Andrew (part of Rafa’s million dollar stable) and win in straight sets. Rafa was actually coaching from the sidelines, however it was not a great start to Rafa’s coaching career. Jenny demonstrated some of her cardio tennis talent that has even challenged some of the Monday night luminaries but not all of them.
The Milne’s teamed together, much to the discomfort of Ben, to snare a hard fought win over the Smiths. Did I hear the cry “No Coby no Smiths”.
The mis-match match saw Elissa as a singles player not able to beat her 2 opponents –Izzy and Shaun. Matene and Winni will be filthy on Elissa for letting the team down.
Margaret was in scintillating career best form and carried her partner to a three set win over Ged and Anthony. They were all sizzle but no bang in the end.
Look forward to our full complement next week
Grant Plozza
GP Business Solutions
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