Tuesday night tennis

Hi Tuesday swingers

I was talking to the Guru at the leadership forum (No Tuesday night captains went as they know it all) this week and he said that the last 2 weeks of tennis have been the most amazing in living memory. The week before we had torrential rain and yet players pushed through the hardship and common sense barrier to finish matches. In the match between Only Up and Bring it on there was a lake across the court but the battle raged on and on. There was the mystical sight of Rafa walking across the lake  to serve and not getting wet.


We then had All the Presidents men come from behind to inflict mortal wounds on the Samurai Smiths. We understand that Rod was asked to commit Hari Kari by team members but failed this as well. All the Presidents men were brought back to earth a week later in a three hour marathon with Grit (Aptly named), which was only interrupted by Rafa wearing his Martian bike helmet in the clubrooms which emitted a flickering red and blue light through the window and onto the court. I don’t know what was more electrifying Rafa or the play on court. The guru said that Wayne and Russell did not win the match but were simply in front after the last point. This makes sense to me!


The guru was also impressed with Bring it on (who brought nothing last year) when they smashed the Mak Truck. Killer Kate is back and the juddster gave her able support. Kerry and Murray look as though a session of hypnosis is needed from the boss or a good pot and palmer. Where is he!


Weather forecast is bad for Tuesday but nothing will stop the hardy swingers or save the hawks.


Good luck


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21 August

Hi Tuesday swingers
The guru spoke to me about how all levels of tennis at the club had improved except for the flag ship Tuesday night comp. I said “Guru you are too harsh, while most I admit have gone backwards there are some shining lights” that I will profile in coming weeks. At least for a couple of the teams it is simply impossible to go backwards and that’s fantastic news for Bob and Rod Smith.

Rafa appears to have taken his form to another level, if that is possible, and is taking no prisoners but has he ever? The team is now ably lead by Elissa who is keeping a firm rein on him and the volatile Ged.
All the Presidents men is also under new management and Glenn Butcher is a tough taskmaster who records everything. Where have I heard that before. Can be dangerous Glenn.
For Andrew Verrall and his cohort Mary the premiership hangover has led to severe migraine that is debilitating on court. I feel their pain.
For Kerry the weight of captaincy is a heavy burden. To follow in the footsteps of Adam Palmer and maintain a running commentary is threatening to derail her tennis. For some people it is hard to do 2 things at once. I feel her pain too.

Please see the attached ladder after 2 weeks which is just too early to frame a market. Coby and Aya looked dangerous as they overcome the boy wonder and Margaret. Congratulations to Brad Bellot on his return to top flight tennis even if he is forced by his daughter to quickly go into retirement.

Lets hope I come to feel Rafa’s pain in the weeks ahead, as well as the Hawks of course.

See you Tuesday night

Grant Plozza

Another Night in the rain

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