How good does the new decking look. How good will it be sitting out there in summer with a daiquiri or a beer for the less civilized. 
Seriously what a brilliant job by Andrew and Bob again!

Please refer to the Aspendale Tennis Club facebook page for most up to date Covid news.


The club is acutely aware of its responsibilities to continue to minimise the risk of COVID-19. The last thing we want is a corona cluster at the Aspendale Tennis Club. It still only takes one person to do the wrong thing, so we will continue to err on the side of caution.

The Book a Court system will only allow users to book one (1) court per day and for only one (1) hour.  Once your booked hour is up, you must vacate the courts immediately and exit the club. There are to be no spectators – players only. At any point in time there should only be the current players inside the club perimeter. Please do not arrive prior to your booking time or extend your stay. Parents/care givers who bring their children along to lessons are encouraged to stay in eye-line of the children but stay outside the club perimeter.

Please include all names in the bookings, you just need to “add guest” onto the booking.  It is essential that we have the names of each player who will be on the court in case of an outbreak.  This is a requirement of the club being able to open under the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Specific Guidelines for Play

1. There will be NO ACCESS to the clubhouse. The men’s toilet will become a temporary unisex toilet and should only be used in an emergency. Only members with keys will be able to access the toilet however it is STRONGLY recommended NOT to use the club toilet. If you must use the toilet, hands must be thoroughly washed with soap and water provided and taps must be sprayed with club supplied disinfectant and wiped after use. All children must be accompanied by an adult if using the toilets.

2. All players must disinfect hands before and after play. Players are required to bring their own hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser must be used prior to touching the pin pad on the front gate and any internal gates, hoses after play and court baggers.

3. Players must provide their own tennis equipment, balls and drink bottles. The drink fountains on the courts will be sealed off. Avoid touching other people’s equipment – tennis racquets, bags and tennis balls.

4. Social distancing must be exercised – all players at all times to be 1.5 metres apart. If you hit a ball on another court you must collect the ball and ensure you stay at least 1.5 metres away from the other players.

5. Richard will ensure that players follow the guidelines during lessons and will also keep an eye on other courts, as will committee members from time to time.

6. Please avoid touching your own face at the courts and don’t shake hands after your hit. Touching racquets is the new “handshake”.

7. Anyone found to be deliberately violating these guidelines will face sanctions from the club including possible suspension.