How good does the new decking look. How good will it be sitting out there in summer with a daiquiri or a beer for the less civilized. 
Seriously what a brilliant job by Andrew and Bob again!

Please refer to the Aspendale Tennis Club facebook page for most up to date Covid news.

Updated: 2021-02

Tennis has now reopened in accordance with Government and Tennis Vic guidelines. We will return to the same covid guidelines that were in place prior to this latest lockdown. Please continue to be vigilant as we all know how contagious this virus is. Remember your hand sanitiser and use before and after play, carry a mask, and bring your own water bottle and use this only. If you use the toilet please use the spay provided on the surfaces that are touched. Don’t forget to social distance at 1.5 metres and avoid touching surfaces they don’t have to touch.

Continue to enter details of all players on the book a court system.

Enjoy our latest return to tennis but be aware of how fragile the situation is.