Alcoholics Anonymous

Hi Tuesday swingers

We are back on this Tuesday night as we move into the business end of the season. “Oh Danny Boy” is on top of the pile but have lost Matene to football and will need to choose wisely in the mid season draft. Mary and Elissa are also out for the rest of the season and we wish both of them a speedy recovery. It’s a battlefield out there!.  In the meantime the 2 Andrews are it. This will require a name change, and I am told by AJ and AV that  it is to be “AA” (I hope of the battery variety rather than Alcoholics Anonymous).


Issy and Stooges,  who had been playing above themselves, came back to the field last week after losing Adam Palmer to a dodgy back or something dodgy anyway. Adam has physically, but not spiritually, moved to Dingley to be close to his beloved Hawks, although I do detect a timing problem with this. Does anybody else pick up what the timing problem is. At least he has signed a long term contract to remain at the tennis club.


A strong  contender, speaking of Alcoholics Anonymous, the “Dream Team” have been rumoured to self medicate prior to matches and this may explain their relaxed play and slow starts.


Another strong contender, “Old Salts” coped a hammering last week and to rub more salt into Old Salts wounds it was Matene’s parting gift.


I will bring a copy of the ladder with me which I have adjusted for bad luck and dodgy line calls. Expect a charge from Mid Court crisis.


Don’t forget our social night at the Edithvale Bowls club on Friday June 2016 commencing at 7.30. Adam Palmer is performing his beatles show and there will be games and plenty of fun. Cheap entertainment for the cheap skates amongst us. Let me know asap.





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