FAST 4 – November 10th

SUNDAY 10th November 12.15PM

A family based doubles competition.
$5.00 for members
$10.00 for non-members

This will again be a family based doubles competition and will likely feature an A and B grade for players at different levels.

Please get your entries in as the numbers will be limited on a first come first served basis.

We anticipate having up to 10 teams in each Grade.

Each team would be guaranteed 4 matches.

A quick BBQ lunch to help settle the nerves and provide energy for a big afternoon of tennis.

Entry for the comp is $5.00 per member and $10 per non member. Both Division A and B will have a maximum of 8 teams –all doubles. All teams are guaranteed 4 matches.

Division A will be for the experienced players and Division B for less experienced up and comers. You can enter as a doubles team or as a single and we will find you a team. It is a case however of first in first served.

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New Tuesday Night Season starts 13 August




Hi Tuesday Night Swingers,

Our new comp will start on August 13 ,7.30 sharp. All players must be there by 7.15 and that includes Ben and Anthony. One point will be awarded to the other team every minute a team is late. One minute must tick over, however, not 57 or 58 seconds, you get my drift.


We have 6 teams so far and will need a bubbling cesspool of emergencies for the new format. New players still welcome. Remember all 4 players play on the night. The following rules have been developed by our new rules committee which we hope will  meet soon, although there is a chance it may never meet:

1.       One point awarded for each set won and 2 points for winning overall on the night.

2.       One emergency is Ok for full points but 2 emergencies mean you can’t win the 2 points but only win sets.

3.       3 teams in the finals –Second plays third for the right to meet First in the Grand Final. The bottom 3 teams to play for the right to avoid relegation.

4.       Each set best of 6 games. and 7 point tie break at 6 all. Normal sets

5.       All 6 courts will be used and a 7th court will be available on the footy oval –grass court if needed. When netball courts are finished we will have 9 courts available.

6.       Remember everybody plays 3 sets so if you are number 1 you will play alongside your number 2, 3 and 4 in the 3 sets. I will explain further to the mentally challenged and they know who they are.

7.       Finals -you must play your four players unless you provide a medical certificate or travel guide for missing player.

8.       No play on school holidays and Melb cup day night.


I will assume that everybody is OK to go if I haven’t heard from you.


I know Leanne has a couple of potential newbies. Mitch and Leigh do you have anybody else from your tribe.  Let me know quickly if people are aware of any others. Provisional teams will be out soon after this Tuesday night.








Grant Plozza, Director


GP Business Solutions

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Tuesday Night Tennis Grant Final and Next Season

Hi Tuesday night Swingers,


Hi Tuesday Night Swingers


Well, what an effort by Pat and Marcus to win the biggest crown of their life. Tuesday night tennis Premiers! They may never reach such heights again in their life but this will stay with them. The Guru said (and that’s not me by the way) that it all changed for Pat and Marcus when they beat yours truly in the last week of the season and they realised that they could beat the best. For the Samurai Smith’s the recriminations have already started in the Smith household. I believe Aya has already laid down the law in no uncertain terms to all the men who let her down. Still a great season Aya and you did put a lot of teams to the sword. Life and tennis was not meant to be easy.

Thanks to everybody who played and tried to play this season –basically those who ventured onto the courts with racquet in hand- which was a little disjointed with weather and new fencing that is certainly worth it now.


Next season we have an exciting new format which will give everybody more and better quality tennis that is closer to their standard.

Key points:

1.       Teams of 4 players who all play on the night. All players are to be ranked 1 to 4 on the basis of ability and experience. Bob is all over this but I have told him there is no number 5 ranking.

2.       Still a mixed and doubles based social comp. That won’t change.

3.       All 4 players will play 3 sets of doubles, partnering with the other 3 players in the team.

4.       For example, if you are the number 4 in the team and are a little more challenged in terms of experience, racquets or racquet use, you will always play against the corresponding number 4 in the other team in each of the 3 sets. So 1 & 4 in your team will play their 1 & 4; 2 & 4 will play their 2 & 4; and 3 & 4 will play their 3 & 4. That’s your 3 matches on the night.  As well of course 1 & 2 will play their 1 & 2; 1 & 3 will play their 1 & 3 ;and 2 & 3 will play their 2 & 3.

5.       Each match will be one 6 game set with 7 point tie break at 6 games all. There will be enough courts allocated for people to be on and off quickly between sets. We will have the 6 courts available if required. A little bit of mingling and drinking time in between should be fun.

6.       We plan to have a pool of emergencies if one of the 4 players is not available. However we need committed players to make it work and not stuff other people up on the night. No play on school holidays and cup day

7.       We plan a grading round last Tuesday in July, especially for new players and will commence either the first or second Tuesday in August. Remember if you are one of the 4 players you play every week.

8.       There will be no family teams as everybody will need to be split up into teams on the basis of the above. Could be fun to play against a family member. I am sure Aya will be all over this.


Please email me asap so we can get organised. There are certainly spots for new players and we hope to see a few. I expect we will be inundated so get in early.


Cheers Grant

0412 163 143




Tuesday Night Comp Update for Finals

Hi Tuesday night swingers.

A hearty congratulations to our four finalists –Samurai Smiths (1), Back Street Boys (2), The Whorses (3), and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (4)- who have all done a great job. As the Guru put it their performances are even more meritorious when you consider they are one of the least talented groups to make it to the big dance. A real feather in their caps that they all should be proud of.


On Tuesday night the Samurai Smiths play the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Shaun returning to provide extra sizzle or is that fizzle. The Back Street Boys play The Whorses. Pat and Marcus are in commanding form and Anthony and Glen are running scared, although the result will depend on whether anybody can get the ball onto someone’s backhand. The Guru said there should be a rule that you have to hit 50 backhands a match or else you are out. I might bring a few accountants down to keep track.


The real stuff will be on the outside courts as teams 5 to 10 strive to prove that they deserved to make finals. Remember awards for best team out of the finals and for the heavy lifters at the bottom of the ladder. Adam and Bob have been talking the big talk, but Rob De Boos and Jenny were on fire last week as they extinguished Mitch and Leigh in straight sets. Did my eyes deceive me!. If Mitch and Leigh had won they were playing finals but the big choke was on. Perhaps there is hope that Trump also will now trip over his own feet although his will be on the golf course. Benny and the Jets were through to finals if they had of won but under the stifling pressure they crumbled rather than choked.


This week and next is also a good opportunity to play 3 players, if you have them, and settle a few scores. I am looking forward to that.


Expect a carnival like atmosphere for the finals and look out for a few clowns on the court. No names but I think you can guess who.






Grant Plozza

I am not the Guru

Fast Four Tournament Results. Hot off the Press

It was a fun Sunday with the Fast 4 tournament, although it was nearly derailed as the President forgot to book courts. We had 12 teams with six in each division. Every team played 5 matches and it was a real test in the 30 degree warmth. Some were wilting at the end and were heading home for an ice bath and a cocktail. Lawrence and Dean won Div A closely from Riley and Tom his Cousin. They had a great battle in the final match as both were undefeated to that point. There was fair gap to the others with Adam and Oliver just pinching 3rd place from Leanne and David who got better as it went along. Husband and wife taking time to gell!


Div B, saw Craig and Nicholas, Father and Son, show a clean pair of heels  to the rest. Tim and Mary, aka Celcius Commercial Kitchens, recovered some of their sponsorship losses with some stirring performances just piping Stephen and Ty, another Father son combination who looked fairly handy with raquets in hand.


It would be great to have another one on a balmy winters afternoon. I am happy if someone can predict the exact Sunday for that.


A special thanks to Bob Milne and Elissa Macaw for their help on the day and before and to Ged Salter for setting up web site and bookings.

Bob those wraps were pretty good. Great to have a tournament chef.


Cheers Grant


Grant Plozza, Director


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Round 2 & 3 Update

Hi Tuesday night swingers,


Great win in the second round by Pat and Marcus over last year’s champs Anthony and Glenn. The so called champs had started to believe their own publicity that they are the greatest. Not sure where the publicity has come from as everybody I have spoken to has not heard of them.  Pat and Marcus are the quiet achievers and let their racquets do the talking, whilst for a lot of others their racquets don’t say much at all.


The Samarai Smiths with their unlimited arsenal have shot to the top. One solider goes down -Aya this time with an ankle- and up pop’s another one. Clarko would be proud.


The Samurai Smiths poor relation Mitch Smith just missed again with Matene but he is getting awfully close. He must of upset the tennis gods at some point and they are unforgiving. Perhaps if he gave the tigers away a lot of his sins would vanish. Ben and Vin have now won 2 in a row and Vin now believes he is the legitimate no 2 in the team. I am sure Leanne as captain will sort out any swollen head syndrome.   


The Hersey Kilner and Heatstroke (Greg Jones) seasons officially start next week and that probably goes for Moon’s team as well. Not sure what they have been doing for the last 3 weeks but at least they have turned up on the right nights.


Wayne Gorman silenced his critics last week with a masterful display, aided and abetted by Ged, to down Rob and Matthew. They said he was on the slide but you just can’t believe them.


Please don’t forget to finalise your team names so we can get all the promotional material out.


See you next week




Grant Plozza, Director


GP Business Solutions

CPA Public Practice. SMSF & Trust Auditor   

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First Night of the Season

Hi Tuesday night swingers,

Congratulations to all our new players -Leanne and Vin Snell, Matthew Anderson and Nicky Hersey – for turning up. That’s a great start. Matthew was a winner playing with the brick wall Rob De Boos. A big step up from Parkdale but he may just be the person to do it. Leanne and Vin did well losing a tight first set, although they will learn that this is not good enough. Nicky had fun.


Mitch Smith, Leigh Clarke and Matene lost an incredible match 16-14 in the third set to Wayne Gorman and Elissa. For Mitch and Leigh this is a moral victory –not the best type of victory but they will take anything.


Bob and Moon struck the premiers Anthony and Glenn in a mean mood as they are chasing legitimacy this season given we all know that it was a fluke last season. For Moon it was a crash landing on her favourite surface and Bob could not get down there to rescue her. Perhaps Adam will, and its looking better for Adam and Moon this week as they have the bye.


See you back this week, and remember all captains must come up with a name for their team on Tuesday night that passes the censors. If you fail I will select the names and I don’t have to worry about the censors. Ben has relinquished the captaincy to Leanne Snell and let’s get behind Ben and acknowledge that the pressure of leadership at the elite sporting level can sometimes be suffocating. He will not be stripped of his captaincy of the year title from 2 seasons before however.


Cheers the Guru       


Grant Plozza, Director


GP Business Solutions

CPA Public Practice. SMSF & Trust Auditor  

M 0412 163 143