Bigger than Ben Hur

Hi Tuesday swingers
The start to the new season was bigger than Ben Hur, perhaps that is a piece of fake news, however we had three solid matches and one mis-match. We have 9 teams and the bye worked well with Anthony’s team already having a well earned rest. It had been a tough pre season for them and often difficult to work our who’s shout it was.
There are already issues about commitment of players to the comp with 2 players stating they will put an overseas holiday ahead of their tennis. As the guru said, It‘s not like the old days. Aren’t they paid enough.
A great start to the competition tennis career of Jenny Beatie who teamed with Chicken Palmer to withstand the might of Federico and Andrew (part of Rafa’s million dollar stable) and win in straight sets. Rafa was actually coaching from the sidelines, however it was not a great start to Rafa’s coaching career. Jenny demonstrated some of her cardio tennis talent that has even challenged some of the Monday night luminaries but not all of them.
The Milne’s teamed together, much to the discomfort of Ben, to snare a hard fought win over the Smiths. Did I hear the cry “No Coby no Smiths”.
The mis-match match saw Elissa as a singles player not able to beat her 2 opponents –Izzy and Shaun. Matene and Winni will be filthy on Elissa for letting the team down.
Margaret was in scintillating career best form and carried her partner to a three set win over Ged and Anthony. They were all sizzle but no bang in the end.
Look forward to our full complement next week
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