Thursday midweek ladies

ATC Thursday midweek ladies competition team 

We’re excited to report we have another Aspendale Tennis Club midweek ladies’ competition team, playing their first ever season of comp tennis!

It all started with Richard and Kieran coaching a women’s group lesson on Friday morning, for at least the last couple of years for some of us. This term we decided this is the year we can break into the ‘hardcore, longstanding comp group’ that is ‘Thurs morning midweek ladies’.

So the team is:

Ellen Jiang, Vanessa Jacobs, (both not in photo), Mary Woolford, Nicky Hersey, Louise Bodycomb and Nadia Collins. We also have honorary members of Lorraine and Jodie who wanted to join us but were unavailable Thurs mornings.

It’s been a steep learning curve for us not only regarding “who stands where on the court” and “what’s the score?” but what morning tea to bring, how much to prepare, whether we need a tablecloth etc etc!!

Most of the teams we’re playing against have been playing together and against each other for 20 years so we feel very much the new kids on the block even if some of us don’t look it. We haven’t won many matches, or even sets but we realise we need to be patient and work hard in that regard.

What it has done is bring a group of fantastic women together from all walks of life. We all get on well and enjoy each other’s company, we have fun and we’re all improving. We meet regularly to practice and not even COVID19 is stopping us do that.

Unfortunately the comp has been postponed for now but we look forward to returning with a vengeance when everything settles down again by end of 2020.

Meanwhile we feel proud of what we’ve achieved so far and that we’re doing what the medical experts are advising-keeping fit, exercising outdoors, maintaining social distance and looking after our mental health.

Look forward to keeping you posted re our progress.

Nicky Hersey (on behalf of ATC midweek ladies Thurs comp team)