Fast Four comp

Hi there.

The fast four was a success with 38 people in the end playing. We had some teething problems with more teams fronting up than we had on our list and board but I am sure that can be fixed easily for next time. It was lucky Elissa was there to help sort out the confusion. She did a great job on the day. Also thanks to those who helped prior to the day particularly Ged, Eleesa and Andrew.


The event through up some interesting results with the Snell’s dominating in B grade and their 2 teams playing each other in the final. Did Vin lie down in the final?. If he knew what was good for him. I will not ask Leanne that question. The young brigade did well in B grade with Mitch Keatley and Tane Macintosh finishing third and in the prize money. Honorary mentions, certainly, to the Crowe’s and Nicholson’s who showed potential to go further next time.


A grade brought the young and the old together as well, with the old stagers Adam Palmer and Bob Milne winning the final from Jeremy Ockerby and Lawrence Vlahos the classy youngsters. I think the youngsters were psyched out by the reputation of their opponents or was it the famed commentary of Palmer during the match. Great effort by Robert De Boos and his father Allan, both new to the club, to finish third. They actually had a match point against the eventual winners in an earlier match. Honorary mentions to Federico Marcon and Andrew Vanwenede who also did their bit to uphold the reputation of the Tuesday night swingers and to Sasha and Max Lioudvigova who are always competitive. Sorry Cooper and Brad not this time but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


Well done to all for having a crack.




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