Finals Looming for Tuesday Night Swingers

You know that in a big athletics race there is sometimes a pacemaker who will do all the heavy lifting in the race to enable the real competitors to  run a good time and shine at the end. Has this happened in big time Tuesday night tennis where “Point Break- Mitch Smith, Captain and Master Motivator and Manipulator” has set the pace in the prelim rounds and may now bow out gracefully with the heavy hitters coming hard at the business end. The signs were there last week as they suffered their first loss of the season to the September specialists in November the “Love Guru”. OR were they going half pace so they don’t have to play the Love Guru in the first week of the finals. The intrigue has AT in a buzz. The “Sponge Bob Square Ponts –Sponge Bob, Captain and barometer for his team with a low pressure backhand ” have also nearly sown up a finals berth, although nobody is talking about that. The battle for the coveted fourth spot, and the likelihood of causing the big upset and beating Point Break in the first week of the finals, is a race in three. “Apollo 13” –Moon Captain and Tennis Fashion Plate)” and “Field of Dreams –Elissa  Macaw, Captain and firebrand” are equal fourth at the moment 6 points or ponts ahead of “Second Serve Andrew Judd –Captain, and inspiration on court to those who don’t know him”. You must have teams that make up the numbers, and make the others look better than they are, but perhaps one of these teams may jump out from behind the net, or out of the woodwork, and become a September hero in December. Can’t see it!


I almost forgot one team, “Balls Out” (Ged Salter, Captain and author of the book –Chocolates to boiled lollies in one season). No comment if I was author.


Congratulations to Ali and Michael who returned from long term injuries and showed they had lost nothing of what they had previously. That’s a compliment.


Two weeks to go so sharpen your edge. Its on!







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