Grand Final next Tuesday Night

Hi Tuesday Night swingers


The guru was moved to remark that with the transfer of just a few points there would have been 2 different grand finalists. The standard of tennis was through the roof and the spectators were in awe. Or at least they didn’t say much. However, the record books will show that Beatles with Bite (Bob Margaret and Yours sometimes truly) meet Making a Racket (Rylan, Pat and Ged) in next Tuesdays Grand final. The great Balls of Fire (Adam, Andrew and Jenny) and Monkeys (Isy, Rob and Glenn) were magnificent and certainly failed better than they have ever before. Their reputations are enhanced but it will be a long winter of discontent.


We understand that a devastated Adam Palmer will be off to see a hypnotist this week to make sense of it all and it will be interesting to see what they say to each other. His tennis was still good but his commentary was a bit off.


Grand final week will be big and I was going to check with Richard and Jonny what festivities have been organised.


Eleesa, I have organised with Rossdale for extra parking but please bring your camera and we can send photos of the impending traffic chaos.


In the event of a Grand Final wash out the team that did not lose a set in the semi-final is the obvious winner. We have always sort of done it this way. Not sure who that favours. Can you have a look at that Bob.


Come along to join the throng, and toast the Beatles with Bite at nights end.


Best to sum up with what Ernest Hemingway said “A man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated”. Sounds a bit sexist to me.





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