New Tuesday Night Season starts 13 August




Hi Tuesday Night Swingers,

Our new comp will start on August 13 ,7.30 sharp. All players must be there by 7.15 and that includes Ben and Anthony. One point will be awarded to the other team every minute a team is late. One minute must tick over, however, not 57 or 58 seconds, you get my drift.


We have 6 teams so far and will need a bubbling cesspool of emergencies for the new format. New players still welcome. Remember all 4 players play on the night. The following rules have been developed by our new rules committee which we hope will  meet soon, although there is a chance it may never meet:

1.       One point awarded for each set won and 2 points for winning overall on the night.

2.       One emergency is Ok for full points but 2 emergencies mean you can’t win the 2 points but only win sets.

3.       3 teams in the finals –Second plays third for the right to meet First in the Grand Final. The bottom 3 teams to play for the right to avoid relegation.

4.       Each set best of 6 games. and 7 point tie break at 6 all. Normal sets

5.       All 6 courts will be used and a 7th court will be available on the footy oval –grass court if needed. When netball courts are finished we will have 9 courts available.

6.       Remember everybody plays 3 sets so if you are number 1 you will play alongside your number 2, 3 and 4 in the 3 sets. I will explain further to the mentally challenged and they know who they are.

7.       Finals -you must play your four players unless you provide a medical certificate or travel guide for missing player.

8.       No play on school holidays and Melb cup day night.


I will assume that everybody is OK to go if I haven’t heard from you.


I know Leanne has a couple of potential newbies. Mitch and Leigh do you have anybody else from your tribe.  Let me know quickly if people are aware of any others. Provisional teams will be out soon after this Tuesday night.








Grant Plozza, Director


GP Business Solutions

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