Round 3 Tuesday Night Tennis in Simulation

Hi Tuesday night swingers,

I must start with a couple of apologies. One from Leanne –she won’t do it again. Back to her “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” tennis. She Let her racquet do the talking and did it have a lot to say. The De Boos express is on a roll. But it was still 3 all against Mitch’s mob.


I am sorry to Elissa as she was writing the teams on the board last week not the betting odds. Yer sure.


My dream was cut short this week just as I got to Adam Palmer’s match point in the last deciding match. I assume he lost it. Psyched himself out!. 3 all, then, to Bob’s team. I see just before I wake up Bob being carried triumphantly off the court by his adoring fans, and Glenn, Leanne and Vin muttering that’s what we did during the matches as well.  Then Helen kicked me at the vital stage and it’s a worry as she was awake at the time.


Mitch couldn’t play this week as one of his knees was a tiny bit sore. Wise move as the Guru filled in for him and was moving like a cheetah (very fast cat) this week, last week it was a gazelle. Leigh and the Guru together means only one thing, Danger!. Jarred was swinging from the rafters with that massive serve. The racquet was smokin hot but I see it disintegrating along with his game. Player of the year, yer sure but he was. Always next dream.


The Harvey Ball Bangers had a tight 3 sets all win, with Moon winning all her matches but nobody else from her side won. Moon’s practice against the wall is now legendary, after she dealt with the initial frustration of all her shots coming back. Aya and Rod had a another win but face sanctions for bringing the club and its spiritual leader into disrepute.


Another retraction from last week as Michael W makes piano’s but does he play them?.




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