FAST 4 – November 10th

SUNDAY 10th November 12.15PM

A family based doubles competition.
$5.00 for members
$10.00 for non-members

This will again be a family based doubles competition and will likely feature an A and B grade for players at different levels.

Please get your entries in as the numbers will be limited on a first come first served basis.

We anticipate having up to 10 teams in each Grade.

Each team would be guaranteed 4 matches.

A quick BBQ lunch to help settle the nerves and provide energy for a big afternoon of tennis.

Entry for the comp is $5.00 per member and $10 per non member. Both Division A and B will have a maximum of 8 teams –all doubles. All teams are guaranteed 4 matches.

Division A will be for the experienced players and Division B for less experienced up and comers. You can enter as a doubles team or as a single and we will find you a team. It is a case however of first in first served.

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