Tennis Awards

1.       Tennis Humanatarian award goes to Closers for deciding to give other teams a go this season. Tremendous effort as they still played as though they were trying.

2.       Most improved goes to Elissa as she has started beating up on her opposition. We though last year she was a great person taking defeat so well but now we think she is just OK. Are we sick of her winning already. Another player who rose to great heights was Murray although that was more related to the height of his lobs. No wonder we got a lot of washouts and rain

3.       The kyrios award goes to the juddster for his outburst on the court, although I don't think even Kyrios would of disrespected such an important part of the community. Andrew is really a great guy and his bark is worse than his bite.

4.       Best club person goes to Mary for her assistance in turning the lights on one night. I know this was last season but there was nobody else this season who put their hand up. You could win it for the next 10 seasons easily Mary and not lift another finger.

5.       Most dedicated is a four way split with Rafa Ged Rod and Kate playing through a torrential downpour and it was lucky we had those skim balls so they could finish the match.

6.       Endurance award goes to Wayne Russell  Grant and Glenn for a 3 hour marathon where everybody had left and even the owls had enough and went off to bed.

7.       Best commentary again goes to Adam Palmer where his incredible knowledge came to the fore as he reeled off the precise moment when each net cord that went against his team occurred, and that was broadcast while he was playing. I was going to give Adam the spin award, as it goes with the commentary, but Matene must get the spin award as he had the ball spinning like a top. Perhaps he is rubbing something on his strings -a lolly?

8.       Life time Achievement Award. To a person who has done so much for the comp but never wins anything and probably never will. It's a backhanded compliment but not sure about that as they don't have a backhand. Can you guess this person.

Cheers Grant

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