Tennis Update and Ladder

Hi Tuesday swingers

The guru was telling me that this is the worst season we’ve had and I quickly pointed out that the weather has been bad too. You know what they say about close scores, however, and there are six teams separated by 5 points or less. Grit and Only Up lead the way at the top of the ladder, and it is no secret that they have 2 of the most vicious top spin players who can cut through the wind. Well, 2 of the most vicious players anyway. Sounds like a good theory to me. Elissa is well on the way to winning the most improved. Like a silent assassin she has cut good players down to size, and then with blood on her hands she has played the innocent routine “that’s not true grant”


Despite some major deficiencies and deficits the Samurai Smiths are the Guru’s tip for premiership glory. He must of heard that Rod is away for the finals and that Jasper the son is in secret training. All the Presidents men are roaring up the ladder as they do, with victory over Kerry the ball whisperer and Murray the lob expert. Oh that wind again. The balls could not hear Kerry’s whispers and Murray’s lobs went into orbit. At least Jonny, they are only Technifibre balls.


Everybody is working overtime to see if we can nudge the Full Metal Racquet (Margaret Bob and Anthony) into 5th place again. They need to get a move on but are ahead of the 2 new teams who have not really played a match yet.


We have waited a long time for this, but last years’ premiers are stone motherless last. They are also ahead of the 2 new teams and must take the positives. The trade that swapped Anthony for Peter last season has been short of a fantastic success and shows that free agency is doomed at the ATC.


Bring it On, like the weather, has shown glimpses this season and are well placed with draft picks at the end of the season. They are also only 5 points out of finals and you never know in this business but watch for tanking!


Please let me know if I have missed anybody on the way through.   


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