Tennis Update for Holiday Period

Hi Everybody,


We are certainly finishing the year in better shape than it appeared a month or two ago which is great news. Tennis is definitely back with a bang but we are still treading carefully based on the advice from Tennis Vic and the State Government. We realise that one major slip up and we could be closed again.


Leading into the festive and holiday season please ensure that you adhere to the covid guidelines with social distancing of 1.5 metres outside and continued good hygiene practices. That includes also:

  1. Entering names & contacts of all players -family or otherwise- in the book a court system. Contact tracing is still vital.
  2. Please ensure that a parent is supervising children under 16.
  3. Bringing your own drink bottles and hand sanitiser
  4. Sanitising/spraying equipment that you touch and use.
  5. Avoid the club house as we are required to ensure that people social distance by 4 metres inside. We now have a great deck to use.
  6. The one unisex toilet will continue to operate during the holiday period.


Remember to stay vigilant. The club and the committee remain responsible for breaches of covid guidelines so please continue to play your part. Our detailed guidelines are on the club’s web site.  


Court bookings have now been increased to 2 hours. Remember to water en tout cas courts thoroughly before play and after each set, and bag after play.


We wish everybody a great xmas and new year, and trust that you will enjoy your tennis. We all deserve it after doing such a great job during the year.


Cheers and best wishes from the Committee.