Tonite and Friday 16 June

Hi Tuesday night swingers


Don’t forget there is to be another swinging event and night on Friday 16 June at 7.30 with our very own Adam Palmer as Beatle John Lennon in a musical comedy at Edithvale Bowls club. You couldn’t get a more swinging venue although it may lead to hip replacements if there is too much swinging. We hope that Adam is in top form and meets a better fate than his name sake. People can be unforgiving. You can book a table or book individually on the web site. and pay by credit card or paypal.


At tennis HQ, “Oh Danny Boy” has stolen a march on the rest of a sorry lot. If they win the grand final they will have to sing a rousing rendition of “Oh Danny Boy”. It should be a tear to Irish Jonny’s eye. Issy and the Stooges are running second with Issy dishing it out to Old Salts on the net with attitude and intent and a hint of viciousness. What goes around comes around!. I would like to see them sing an Issy and the Stooges ballad. Mid Court Crisis were in rare form, even without there mighty talisman, in destroying Benny and the Jets. I believe one observer felt that Benny Milne was paid off for going easy on the old man but I think that is a case of show me the money. I reckon you were just outsmarted by Margaret and Bob with guile and rat cunning. In other matches the Smithsonians returned to the winners circle and disproved any thoughts that they belonged in a museum.


Terri and Izzy our new performers have made promising starts but now realise they are in the big time and there is nowhere to hide.




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