Tonites Grand Final

Hi Tuesday swingers

The GF is tonite with the Smithsonians playing Oh Danny Boy. Should be a ripper with great weather forecast. I have to say that! Come down and join the fun. Palmer didn’t make it and after losing one of the best semi finals played in a long time, he shrugged off the disappointment to send us on a great magical mystery tour on Friday night. That strong forehand grip on the mike was the difference.


Also bad luck to Old Salts with their gun player Wayne injured at the death, although Coby was masking a sore shoulder. What intrigue and suspense.


The topic of conversation this week has been will Coby and Aya let Rod play, and how will Oh Danny Boy cope with Matene having a bad back. Will he play, how can he play. Is he Lazarus?


The carnage just goes on and on. Is the season too demanding or are our Tues swingers as soft as butter.


All will be revealed tonite.




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