Tuesday night big time tennis

Hi Tuesday Night swingers,

There needs to be a major shake up at ATC House with too many underperforming teams. Last years premiers have seen their G Train derailed and miss finals. All the teams missing finals need to take a long hard look at themselves and also look each other in the eye and say whether “I have done enough”. Or simply be able to say “I did something”. Have you let down your team and club and I could go on…….


The Cats of 9 tails or lives could still sneak into the finals at the expense of the Anti-football  League who have a bye in the Last round. However, these things can be traded and negotiated to ensure the right team makes it. Other teams to definitely make it are Sons and the Moon, Mighty Duckers and Don’t Argue. They have all benefited from a favourable draw and opportune wash outs and wind outs. Lets see how they go when the pressure gets ratcheted up a few turns.


Next week is Pizza night so get to the club early for a 7.15 start. Pizza’s will be served at 9.00 PM so bring $10 for the privilege. We will announce finals teams and award winners or losers.


For finals you are expected to play all 3 players unless you only have 2 in the team. This is to maintain the spirit of the competition and ensure that the Sons don’t block out the moon. Players must of played at least 2 matches to qualify for finals.




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