Tuesday Night Comp Update for Finals

Hi Tuesday night swingers.

A hearty congratulations to our four finalists –Samurai Smiths (1), Back Street Boys (2), The Whorses (3), and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (4)- who have all done a great job. As the Guru put it their performances are even more meritorious when you consider they are one of the least talented groups to make it to the big dance. A real feather in their caps that they all should be proud of.


On Tuesday night the Samurai Smiths play the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Shaun returning to provide extra sizzle or is that fizzle. The Back Street Boys play The Whorses. Pat and Marcus are in commanding form and Anthony and Glen are running scared, although the result will depend on whether anybody can get the ball onto someone’s backhand. The Guru said there should be a rule that you have to hit 50 backhands a match or else you are out. I might bring a few accountants down to keep track.


The real stuff will be on the outside courts as teams 5 to 10 strive to prove that they deserved to make finals. Remember awards for best team out of the finals and for the heavy lifters at the bottom of the ladder. Adam and Bob have been talking the big talk, but Rob De Boos and Jenny were on fire last week as they extinguished Mitch and Leigh in straight sets. Did my eyes deceive me!. If Mitch and Leigh had won they were playing finals but the big choke was on. Perhaps there is hope that Trump also will now trip over his own feet although his will be on the golf course. Benny and the Jets were through to finals if they had of won but under the stifling pressure they crumbled rather than choked.


This week and next is also a good opportunity to play 3 players, if you have them, and settle a few scores. I am looking forward to that.


Expect a carnival like atmosphere for the finals and look out for a few clowns on the court. No names but I think you can guess who.






Grant Plozza

I am not the Guru