Tuesday Night Finals next week

Hearty congratulations from AT & Tennis Vic to our four finalists – 1 Point Break (Mitch Smith), 2 Love Guru, 3 Sponge Bob Square Ponts, and 4 Field of Dreams (Elissa Macaw). So sad for 5th Second Serve (Andrew Judd) and close 6th Apollo 13 (Moon Liu) who both left nothing on the court except blood stains. 7th spot remind me please.


So tough was the competition last night, that I nearly heard Moon utter an expletive. Nearly that is!. But I really think she did!. Amazing that the 3 teams fighting for 4th spot all won. Even if Glenn and Moon pulled the old stunt of playing 2 number 2s, instead of a number 2 and number 3, against the Love Guru. Shame on them was the call from the terraces but who could blame them, desperate times call for desperate measures.   


How about the top team, “Point Break” having the bye in the last week before the finals. Sounds like an omen to me. Cats are Mitch’s second team too. We all know what that means! They play Field of Dreams and we will all have to put up with Anthony in the main game for at least another week. The odd couple Anthony and Greg are proving a tough combination to crack, along with Matthew and Elissa who might add some sanity.


In the other semi against the Ponts or the punks, the Love Guru is putting the Number 1 spot out to tender for one week. This is a short term assignment and we do not need to get council approval or else the season will run for another 6 or 12 months. Players applying must provide a list of achievements and personality type to see if they fit in. If playing for the Love Guru they must feel the …..   .Chicken Palmer is unavailable but will be back in his true fashion to take all the glory in the grand final.


Grand Final night 17 December will be party time with Pizza night and presentations. Everybody is to play, with the remaining 5 teams on 4 courts in a fast 4 match up to determine the real bottom team. I am giving you a chance Ged to redeem your team.


Hang tough.




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