Tuesday night Grand Final

Hi Tuesday night swingers

Another season is done and dusted and congratulations to “Only Up” (Elissa and Ged) for their victory, and Rafa –oops nearly forgot him- over the “Mak Truck” (Kerry Adam and Murray). The Mak truck battled hard and fought back from 5-2 to 5-4 in the first set but that was as good as it got. Kerry, you’re team has nothing to be ashamed of although it will likely leave scars for many years to come.


It does raise the question as to where “Only Up” goes from here. A name change is in order, perhaps “Only Down” is now appropriate.


Please I urge all of you to take a week off before preseason training. The guru and myself are happy to provide PT classes, and Richard and Jonny will work on your tennis skills and possibly develop some where none exist.


All bets are off with team selections next season although if you want to put a team in- go ahead. The Tennis One Aspendale Tuesday Night Selection Committee will meet around mid January 2017 to toss around names, argue, guess, and make out as though they know what they are doing. Ultimately they will select the teams.


Please let us know if you wish to be part of the new way in Tuesday night tennis next season, by return email in early January. We are working towards 10 teams and 5 courts, however precedence will still be given to adults over kids if numbers dictate.  

This is not a political decision and we are still happy for the youngsters to put their names down but we do not believe the swamp needs draining.


Have a great festive season and this also is not a political statement.




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