Tuesday Night Season 2020 Round 4.

Hi Tuesday night Swingers,

After 2 rounds of play the Slippery Slammers -Adam Palmer  and Old fashioned –Bob Milne are both undefeated. However, the best name goes to Andrew Judd’s team, who have followed the cocktail theme, with Harvey Ball Bangers. Old fashioned –what type of cocktail is that, but the team is old so the name does not lie. Perhaps it is a case of too old, too slow, too good.


Bob interviewed immediately  after Tuesday night’s matches said to the Guru that he is in career best form. Bob has been known to go early on some of his calls and the old humble pie could be out on the table in a couple of weeks.


The Smith name was not trending this week after Mitch Smith’s Fluffy Ducks and Aya Smith’s Pet Wussies went down in a screaming heap. The Guru had teamed Aya and Rod together to allow them to capitalise on their great togetherness and mental telepathy on the court where they would play as one seamless unit. Perhaps the thick humid air blocked those waves as they went down 6-0. Humiliated but not disgraced. They need take a leaf out of Vin and Leanne’s book at least until the storm clouds roll in on their court.


 Rob De Boos’ team is Sexon the entecar. What the hell!. Is that your baby’s favourite cartoon.




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