Tuesday Night Swingers Update. Tennis has returned

Hi There Tuesday night swingers,

Hands up those who won’t be able to resume as they cannot match pre covid19 skinfolds. For Aspendale Tennis (AT) one solider goes down and we just get another one but it won’t be in brown and gold –not a good look.


Last night I had a dream although it’s not 1963 and I’m not Martin Luther King. They were the results from Tuesday nights play, Round 7, and you wouldn’t believe it but there were some major upsets. It was so real that when I woke up I thought I was still in the dream, and I had all the scores. I’m going to count this as Round 2.


Rob De Boos team, Sexon the entecar, (Sexon being a famous kids character) had their first win of the season cleaning up the Harvey Ball Bangers captained by Andrew Judd. How did this happen?. Rob brought out his spinny little serve that does not bounce and Leanne and Tim intimidated their opponents with trash talk. The tennis was dragged into the gutter but Leanne didn’t care, they would do anything for that first win. The guru also filled in for Kurtis who was isolated at his girlfriend’s place but not sure on this one as there is no covid19 in my dream. The guru wound back the clock as he moved like a gazelle and it was very sad for him to wake up later.


In another massive upset, the Pet Wussies led by Aya Smith overcome the Slippery Slammers, not led by Adam Palmer. This finished 3 sets all but Rod and Aya wound back the clock also to win their set 6-1 as they teamed like a well oiled machine, totally in sync. How did this happen?. Aya made Rod stand wide in the doubles alley and took everything. I can see Rod talking to people on the other court. Matene and Adam went hammer and tongs and I don’t know who won that battle as the dust/en tout cas had not settled. In my dream, however, I can see Adam talking to anyone who would listen but nobody does.  Michael A, Matthew and Elissa are devastated with their first loss but Elissa laid odds on losing and has made good money. I see the odds listed on the white board.  At the very end I see Adam on the guitar and Michael W on a piano and the keg and home brew flowing freely. I see no pizza or Greg but I do see a figure keeping watch at the front gate –could there be a connection. I also can’t work out how the piano got there.


In the other match I see Mitch giving his team a pep talk on court. Most of them are looking away and showing no interest. He is animated though and then points to the net to be checked. He is after all playing Bob’s team. I see Leigh playing in a Cats jumper, and along with Mitch they proceed to play inspired tennis until Mitch hurls himself at a wide forehand, and is airborne as he tries to hit his infamous off forehand, only to crash to the ground skinning both knees. Mitch can’t go on although I have no idea why. Nothing worse than  a wounded tiger. Ben Milne comes on as a replacement and starts destroying his father’s game with scintillating forehands and backhands to all corners. The net starts to get higher and higher for Bob and he cannot even see over the top. Leanne and Vin get rolled for the first time and Vin is also asked to stand wide in the doubles alley. In a nice touch Aya and Rod are the first to commiserate with them. Then more people come over and everybody is suddenly hugging and touching.      


Tennis may return soon in NSW, WA, SA, Qld, ACT, NT and Tas. So lets cheer them all on!


Instead of a hot milo tonite, have a glass of disinfectant and your problems will be over. Just ask your Uncle Donald.


Let me know if anybody has a similar dream.




Grant Plozza, Director


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