Tuesday night tennis

Hi Tuesday swingers

“Oh Danny Boy” are on the verge of tennis immortality as they are 9 points on top with 2 rounds to go. We may never see the like again. Lets hope not.  Are they really that good –Killer Kate, Matene the hit man and Danny the dicer. Is the rest of the competition that putrid. We’ll find out soon.


Issy and the Stooges, Old Salts, Smithsonians and Dream Team are battling it out for finals spots. Four into three don’t go and expect the courts to erupt over the next 2 weeks as these flawed athletes and wanna be’s put it all on the line. There is only 3 points difference between the 4 teams.


Injuries are the other big story of the season and we will conduct a scientific study at the end of the season to determine if there is too much load and stress on our flawed but high powered athletes. We may extend the scientific study to look at the impact of the tides and the moon on Tuesday nights. The guru said to me where is the old fashioned G and D. They just don’t make them like a couple of us any more.


Please remember the last home and away round is June 6 which is pizza night and all players are wanted even those on crutches. We also want more Tuesday swingers showing how they swing at the social night on Friday June 16. Get your own table or come on your own and we will still take your money. Remember its our own Adam Palmer and none of us have forgotten what a pest he is on the tennis court. This time he is going to be a beatle.




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