Tuesday night tennis 29.11

Hi Tuesday night swingers


Last round of the season can you believe it. Pizza and awards night so please get down at 7.15 for 7.25 start. Pizza’s at 9.00PM with shot gun finish when the first match is over. Please have all 3 players down for the night  This week won’t really matter as the finalists have already been decided, although not their position and first week opponents, so celebrate hard and maintain focus on those celebrations. Please bring extra $5 for pizza and $2 for drinks. Congratulations to the Samurai Smiths, Full Metal Racquet, Closers and Bring It On, on tremendous seasons, only kidding actually and no finals for you. Nothing to be ashamed of but I wouldn’t discuss it with a lot of people. 5th place is up for grabs Bob so still a lot to play for. Big surprises were the Guru’s tip for glory, the Samurai Smiths, not there at the pointy end (excuse the pun) and the Closers closing in on a rare double of Premiers to Wooden spooners in one season. A proud moment for all concerned.


The four finalists should also not worry about the results this week as each have said that they are not frightened of the other three. The Guru said to me that this season’s finals are wide open and It may come down to Rafa and Wayne’s sore arms and the quality of Palmer’s commentary on the night.


See you all there.


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