Tuesday night tennis

Hi Tuesday night swingers,


The battle for the finals is heating up and there is a real possibility that last year’s winners (Ballers with Attitude) will be off skiing in June rather than preparing for finals -just like demon supporters  September. This will be a massive disappointment to Moon Shaun and Anthony who will have to explain this to their many followers on the internet.


At the moment Making a Racket (Rylan Pat and Ged) and Beatles with Bite (Bob Margaret and the Guru) are going shot for shot and blow for blow at the top of the ladder. This could be a new rivalry that lasts a few weeks. Way down in the dark zone, Buddy Holly and the Aces are making their presence felt with a couple of wins and Aya is now playing in glasses which will open up new horizons for her including the ball at the back of the court. We thought Aya played well enough when she couldn’t see but she had to rely on cute hearing.


The Monkeys (Isy Rob and Glenn) and Great Balls of Fire (Adam Jenny and Andrew) both look dangerous and are full of belief. You can see it in their eyes when they walk in. I would expect the belief to be snuffed out over the next few weeks and the glazed look to return.


For the other teams, out of respect, I will not comment.




Grant Plozza, Guru

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