Tuesday Night Tennis-Comp is back on

Hi Tuesday Night Swingers,


Comp is back on this tuesday night and the bye team is….. “Mighty Duckers”. Please come down for a hit –you need the practice!


The “Anti football league” had their 4th win on the trot beating the Mighty Duckers who were unfortunate as Ethan played right handed this week.


The “Cats of 9 Tails” had the first draw of the season with the “Demon Fade outs” who did not live up to their name. There was a high pity factor from the Cats of 9 Tails after the first set. The rain set in to save the fade outs in the third set. That’s what can happen when you don’t have a roof.


“Dangerous Argument” had their first win of the season over the generous “Complete Punts”. I have never seen an Adam Palmer coached team show so much empathy to the opposition but this will change. The hard nosed commentator in him will return. Now Leigh and Mitch have tasted success who knows where it might finish. It might still end in tears but let’s not be negative as they are no longer road kill.


The G Train is back rolling with a win over the Sons and the Moon who are up and down like the preverbal seat. Last year’s grand finalists still have a lot of ground to make up for finals and need the courts to be doctored like they were for last year’s grand final. Some people say get over it –no chance!


8 weeks to go before finals. Do your darnest and leave nothing on the court especially not your car keys.






Grant Plozza, Director


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