Tuesday Night Tennis during the dark ages

Hi Tuesday swingers,

The world is changing forever and Tuesday night tennis must move with it or become irreverent.

We will be playing with masks and gloves on our return on the other side. 2020 AD will become 1 AC.

At least we can put the club logo on our masks. But I am not sure how the Chicken man will be able to commentate his way through a match. Sign language perhaps.


The Guru, I understand, has moved on after the netgate affair, which cost him a premiership, and then a tigers premiership (Double whammy that would destroy a lesser man) -where was Covid19 in Sept 19. Obviously alive and well in China.


A comeback may be on the cards and the Guru has already played simulated matches against some of the Tuesday night pretenders. I know he has woken up during the night playing shots to all parts of the court. I hope he can share some of these matches over the next few weeks and see who is the best simulated swinger. Some might call it mindfulness, some might call it bizarre, I would call it a little bit out there.


I hope team captains are maintaining morale with regular 4 player video hook-ups. For Rob and Aya all is not lost, nothing a new brand, new culture and new game plan can’t fix. For Mitch all is lost!


On the other side, I hope the keg still has miles left in it and that the touchy feely people return -but perhaps not.


If you have a wall at home get out there with racquet, ball and mask. See if you can beat the wall as that is what you will need to do against Palmer, De Boos and Snell –not Vin, and Bob if the net is lowered.


As the song says “keep em separated”.


Have loads of fun. Mitch, who is winning junior scrabble amongst your tennis crew?


Grant Plozza, Director


GP Business Solutions

CPA Public Practice. SMSF & Trust Auditor  

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