Tuesday Night Tennis Grant Final and Next Season

Hi Tuesday night Swingers,


Hi Tuesday Night Swingers


Well, what an effort by Pat and Marcus to win the biggest crown of their life. Tuesday night tennis Premiers! They may never reach such heights again in their life but this will stay with them. The Guru said (and that’s not me by the way) that it all changed for Pat and Marcus when they beat yours truly in the last week of the season and they realised that they could beat the best. For the Samurai Smith’s the recriminations have already started in the Smith household. I believe Aya has already laid down the law in no uncertain terms to all the men who let her down. Still a great season Aya and you did put a lot of teams to the sword. Life and tennis was not meant to be easy.

Thanks to everybody who played and tried to play this season –basically those who ventured onto the courts with racquet in hand- which was a little disjointed with weather and new fencing that is certainly worth it now.


Next season we have an exciting new format which will give everybody more and better quality tennis that is closer to their standard.

Key points:

1.       Teams of 4 players who all play on the night. All players are to be ranked 1 to 4 on the basis of ability and experience. Bob is all over this but I have told him there is no number 5 ranking.

2.       Still a mixed and doubles based social comp. That won’t change.

3.       All 4 players will play 3 sets of doubles, partnering with the other 3 players in the team.

4.       For example, if you are the number 4 in the team and are a little more challenged in terms of experience, racquets or racquet use, you will always play against the corresponding number 4 in the other team in each of the 3 sets. So 1 & 4 in your team will play their 1 & 4; 2 & 4 will play their 2 & 4; and 3 & 4 will play their 3 & 4. That’s your 3 matches on the night.  As well of course 1 & 2 will play their 1 & 2; 1 & 3 will play their 1 & 3 ;and 2 & 3 will play their 2 & 3.

5.       Each match will be one 6 game set with 7 point tie break at 6 games all. There will be enough courts allocated for people to be on and off quickly between sets. We will have the 6 courts available if required. A little bit of mingling and drinking time in between should be fun.

6.       We plan to have a pool of emergencies if one of the 4 players is not available. However we need committed players to make it work and not stuff other people up on the night. No play on school holidays and cup day

7.       We plan a grading round last Tuesday in July, especially for new players and will commence either the first or second Tuesday in August. Remember if you are one of the 4 players you play every week.

8.       There will be no family teams as everybody will need to be split up into teams on the basis of the above. Could be fun to play against a family member. I am sure Aya will be all over this.


Please email me asap so we can get organised. There are certainly spots for new players and we hope to see a few. I expect we will be inundated so get in early.


Cheers Grant

0412 163 143