Tuesday Night Tennis Spring Update

Hi Tuesday swingers,

The cellar dwellers generally get desperate around this time of the season when the reality hits of no finals. However there is hope with Bob coming up with an innovative solution –trade for points. Bob’s team the “Demon fade outs” is keen to trade up and buy points off some of the top teams. They obviously have more wealth than talent. If I was Bob and the other cellar dwellers I would sell points to the top teams and make a real killing. The Cats of 9 Tails who have been starved of points in the last couple of weeks and would be happy to trade.


The Guru is happy to take this a step further and set up a “trade hour” prior to play next Tuesday. Each team will need to have a representative there but the problem being we don’t have 9 tables. This could take off however and needs to be cash only!!


Four weeks left and the “Sons and the Moon” and “Anti Football League” are 1 and 2 respectively. I am sure they will now pull out the big guns to consolidate and play Moon and Luke heavily over the final rounds. The Mighty Duckers are back in town with the return of their brick wall, Rob, in the last 2 weeks. Don’t Argue have snuck into 4th place with Mr Whippy, Anthony, doing his thing. The Cats of 9 tails have lost their sting and sit 5th but are close enough for a Cats charge in the final stanza. The G Train is an outside chance in 6th but has not left the station this season. For the other 3 put your trading hats on and work the floor and forget the court.


No comp this Tuesday. If the weather is Ok for those non-party animals we will have a casual hit at 7.30. Let me know if you are planning to come. Party animals are welcome but will need to pass the baseline test.




Grant Plozza, Director


GP Business Solutions

CPA Public Practice. SMSF & Trust Auditor  

M 0412 163 143