Tuesday Night Tennis Winter Finals 2020

Hi Tuesday night simulated swingers,


The results are finally in for the Tuesday Night simulated finals. There has been a massive delay with protests lodged in the semi finals by the 2 losing teams. Both protests were dismissed after a no holds barred review process. The detailed findings will be opened to the public in 50 years.  Of course Adam Palmers team was one of the sore or unlucky losers, and Bob Milne who complained that the nets were too high at least on their side of the court. Adam had appealed against the windy conditions denying him and his team the opportunity to apply their superior talent, and it was a bit chilly as well. 


On the court, Mitch Smith’s fluffy ducks came from behind to topple the top placed Slippery Slammers. Three sets all it came down to games. Marvellous tennis was played by all, but the fluffy ducks were just that little bit more marvellous. You could say the tennis was infectious as were probably some of the spectators. Andrew Judd’s Harvey Ball bangers got home by 1 game in the other semi with Moon the star as she wound back the clock to I don’t know when. Honorary mentions to the Snell’s who both had great season’s along with Glenn the Butcher. I am sorry Leanne to put you both on the same level.


The guru had to fill in for Mitch Smith’s fluffy ducks as Greg had left for Gippsland to live. We are all envious that he has been able to escape the dark side. He must of driven half the night to avoid armed check points. The guru had to swallow his pride and play alongside a long time adversary. A new found respect was born temporarily that would carry them to the premiership. Although it was the Guru who wound back the clock to his halcyon pre-war days. Mitch, Jarrod and Leigh all played their small part.  


The Grand final was played under lockdown as we were forced to lock out spectators who were desperate to get in. Some bluffed and bribed their way in despite the presence of Security guards on the gate, and also despite the guards having received extensive training in integrity, common sense and not sleeping with the players and spectators. They have been sent back to the hotels as a consequence.


The Harvey Ball Bangers were obviously overawed by the reputation of the opposition in the GF but battled gamely and were worthy losers. Cobey resurrected the Smith name after it had been trashed earlier in the season. 


MVP goes to Adam Palmer just to shut him up after a litany of complaints. He did have his moments.


Please get your entries in quickly for next season as it will begin the first week in February 2022. There will be bonus points for the team with the most innovative masks.

The keg will be back and the new deck will be the place to be seen.


I hope you have a wall somewhere.





Grant Plozza, Director


GP Business Solutions

CPA Public Practice. SMSF & Trust Auditor  

M 0412 163 143