Tuesday night Update Round 6

Hi Everybody,

The Guru’s Hoodoo (Captained by the indefatigable Dusty Smith) are 3 points clear on top despite only having 4 players in their team. They have no interchange bench which may count against them over a long arduous season. But they’ll solider on. Other teams have been up and down like a lavatory seat,   although Adam Palmer’s Easy Beats have moved off the bottom with Bob Milne’s Good Moon Rising in a funk. Which moon is it to be? The good or the…….


Last week Jared enhanced his reputation as a knee capper, cleaning up Ali as he made one of his regular sorties to the net. Serve volley tennis is not for the faint hearted and Ali was typically stoic as he dusted himself off and carried on for the team win. Jared was left to lament his poor aim, normally he takes no prisoners. Serve volley takes a player into the red zone where they can look into the whites of the enemies eyes. Yes I know Adam they should be looking at the ball.


Its now time for everybody to step it up. Who wants to be the MVP of South Aspendale at the end of the day




Grant Plozza, Director


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