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Hi Tuesday swingers


The investigation into Andrew Judd’s behaviour pursuant to Aspendale Tennis Club’s code of conduct has been completed. It was duly noted that  Andrew did utter the words “you dog” after he missed a shot in a recent match. The investigation has been found in Andrew’s favour after the RSPCA had advised that no dogs were in ear shot that night. Andrew was also contrite and explained that “nobody respects dogs more than myself”. There was also no question of Andrew having his own dog chauffeured around at the clubs expense. Andrew has been buoyed at publicity received and may now launch a bid for presidency of the club. As noted elsewhere you would need to be barking mad to take on the presidency.


There were some great matches this week and also some crap ones. In the Tuesday comp it is sometimes difficult to know the difference. However Wayne and Issy (Grit) staged one of the great fightbacks from 5-1 down in the second set, after losing the first, to win in three. They obviously believe in their brand -Grit that is. Andrew and Peter -The Closers, may not be believing so much in their brand.


All the Presidents Men moved into the four at the expense of the Samurai Smiths who have lost their Mojo or simply Coby. Rafa and Ged got a big fright from Killer Kate and the dog whisperer but when the going got tough Rafa charged to the net and the rest is history although Ged nearly was.


Palmer and Murray got over Anthony and Margaret on the blue court and I hope they were spared some of Palmers blue jokes, although his commentary was full of great insight. I noticed there were more dents in the blue court, this time from Margaret’s forehand which went through the court like a missile.


See you Tuesday night. Don’t forget Sunday December 4, and Pizza night last week for the season on 29 Nov. Everybody playing!




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